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Join Us


We don¡¯t restrict your major must be International trade! If you are restless, or you like to communicate with people, or willing to deal with challenges and have a sense of achievement, you were born to do sales. Leave your major out.

Don¡¯t worry about your ¡°Chinglish¡± or having no experience! We can provide a good chance for you to promote your language and foreign trade skills, as long as you have a strong desire to learn more English and love International trade.

Join us,and we will provide a systematic training and assessing program for you . You will have an opportunity to communicate with clients from various countries in the world. You will attend Canton Fair,the largest fair in the world, or even some exhibition abroad. You will become a master of e-commerce.

We have a professional team which can help you get progress. Our team also do charity for society, which makes us feel happy. We hold birthday parties for everyone, and together have barbecue parties and so on.


Address: NO.150,Shugang East Road, Hanjiang District, Yangzhou City, Jiangsu Province